The Scientist and the Cockroach

A scientist at a large chemical corporation was studying the behavior of cockroaches. After collecting a live specimen, he began an experiment.

He pulled one of cockroach’s legs off and then made a loud bang. This caused the cockroach to run away. The scientist made a note: “Loosing a leg does nothing to stop a cockroach.”

He retrieved the cockroach, pulled another leg off and made a loud bang. The cockroach immediately began running away again. He made another note: “Second leg removed, and cockroach runs away.”

The scientist continued to remove the cockroach’s legs, each time making a loud bang after the leg was removed. Each time, the cockroach ran away.

Finally he pulled the last leg off and made a loud bang. This time, the cockroach did not run away. In fact, it didn’t move at all. He made a note: “Cockroach cannot hear without legs.”

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