If you only see part of your organization,
you only create part
of a solution.

“The Piñon Group’s input into this project has been strong; in particular, using their System Mapping, they have been able to develop a process through which my Leadership Team have broken down the normal organization constraints and barriers to focus on the key issues for our customers and our business. Nic has successfully built trust and confidence with the Leadership Team members and in doing so has surfaced all issues and impediments to our progress. The project is working well, we are already seeing improvements in the way the team leads, communicates and empowers our next level of Management.”

Vice President
Business Services for Europe, Middle East, Africa

Organizational Consulting

The Piñon Group shows you what’s happening in your entire organization and creates complete, sustainable solutions to help guide you through the conscious change process.

The ideal organization is efficient, effective, and highly successful. Its people are engaged and motivated to succeed. However research shows that this is not the profile for the vast majority of companies. Organizations going through any change process are often splintered, siloed, have issues that are not effectively addressed, make poor-quality decisions and take actions that do not move the company towards their stated goals.

We can help.

Our decades of expertise in leading companies, teams and individuals from around the globe and across industries through conscious change. Our approach offers you in-depth understanding of your situation and the best practices to move your company forward. We’ll help you see what’s happening throughout your organization, identify the root causes of any issues, align your management teams around the required sustainable actions, and make quality decisions to navigate the change process. We do this using a blend of leading edge consulting approaches and our proprietary technology which allows us to get you results faster, more effectively – and at a lower cost than other consulting firms.

Our rapid and effective on-line System Mapping® process collects and analyzes more data more quickly. This ensures that the information you need is timely and relevant, not out of date. And because we are a small, client-oriented consulting firm, you will experience superior customer service. But don’t take our word for it.   Read what our clients say about our organizational consulting work.


Please check our case studies for specific examples of how we’ve helped organizations like yours navigate conscious change in theior organization.

If you are interested in learning more about our approach, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you accelerate your company’s performance