“I have had the opportunity to work with the Piñon Group on challenging projects over the past several years. Most recently a project to develop worldwide management core competencies for 1000 managers. From the inception of the project through our pilot phase the Piñon Group provided effective insights, direction and leadership. Their knowledge, and experience with similar projects served to greatly reduce project cycle time. Probably, the Piñon Group’s greatest attribute is customer service. I have found them to have the highest degree of integrity and professionalism. They will honestly communicate with a client when there does not seem to be a fit. They are always willing to commit to deliverables and meet their commitments when promised. Of all the firms I have worked with in their area of expertise, the Piñon Group is the clear leader.”

Director, Workforce Development

What We Do

Change is a constant, and you are either consciously changing to adapt to the market place…or you are doing it unconsciously. We view your organization as a dynamic, integrated system of critical activities that need to be managed through change. That’s why we make sure that everything we do impacts each area of your company in a positive way. As a fact-based consultancy, we remain unbiased in our assistance, and offer clarity and sustainable actions to help our clients move forward in the right direction.

We have vast global experience that we bring to each project to provide our clients with the insight required for today’s global business. We also stay current with the best cutting edge theories and transform them into practical applications for your immediate use.

We don’t camp out in companies; rather our clients contact us when they have pressing challenges that require our global experience and our expertise in three main areas:

  1. Organizational change consulting
    We help your company make strategic organizational changes by leading you through conscious organizational changes.
  2. Leadership development
    We create tailored, dynamic leadership programs to help lead you through a conscious change at the team and personal level.
  3. Executive coaching
    We help individuals and teams to reach their next level with three flexible coaching frameworks that guide you through the conscious change process.