If all people were born leaders, there would be no need for leadership development.

“This Leadership Program aligned well with our strong brand identity and accelerated our ability to promote exceptional individuals to key global roles. The program has been a great success in engaging the participants with the dynamic nature of the simulations and the strong links to our business.”

Global Head of Organization Capability and Strategic Resourcing
Sony Ericsson, Sweden

Leadership Development

People possess a variety of personalities, characteristics and behaviors that don’t always translate to good and effective leadership, particularly when faced with the uncertainties of change. Achieving the right leadership skills helps both the leader and their organization succeed. The most powerful leadership development programs offer a blend of activities that support different adult learning styles, link to the strategic intent of the organization and support the desired changes. Why? Studies show that as little as 15% of the learning in a traditional classroom is sustained once the participant returns to their workplace. Learning leadership theories in a static environment does little towards skill adaptation or behavior modification – the core of leadership development.

We understand what makes an effective leadership development program. Our dynamic award winning programs have helped thousands of executives and managers in over 30 countries worldwide to take control of their personal change. Our programs are successful because we tailor each program for your organization. All our programs are linked to your organization’s strategic intent, support your change management process, encompass the competencies required to deliver your future success and align with your business environment.

We design effective and stimulating programs that blend accelerated learning techniques, learning laboratories and experiential simulations with action learning solutions to give your leaders practical tools and knowledge so they hit the ground running.

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